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Mathematics Websites

Look at the maths and literacy zones where you can find numerous links to games that cover a vast range of topics.

Numerous maths and literacy games that will help your child to revise topics looked at this year.

More games linked to literacy and numeracy for the children to explore.

Some great games that explore different topics.

A competitive game website where children race against the clock against other children around the country.

Some great resources that cover a vast range of topics that could interest children.

A maths worksheet website where you can order numerous worksheets or use their free resources.



CBBC News cBBC News - All the latest news headlines for children!

Fun Games! 

BBC games Fun games for 5-7 year olds! 

Fun games for 7-9 year olds! 

Fun games for 9-11 year olds!

Geography Links

Rivers and Coasts

Two Cities

What is Weather

History Links

Famous People

World War 2 Children


Victorian Children 

Science Links

Key Stage 2 Science


Pods Mission 




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